Reported in the News Letter on August 1, 1938: Groom killed in wedding fight

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A wedding which was to bring together two clans, which for many years have been separated by a blood feud, has ended in a fight during which the bridegroom was killed.

Several members of two families of woodcutters, living in the wilderness of Southern Anatolia [Turkey], had been killed in a blood feud which had been going on for many years.

The families at last decided to become reconciled, and a wedding between the daughter and the son of the two clan chiefs was arranged.

There was a large wedding party, and members of both clans feasted merrily side by side.

Suddenly there was a quarrel and fight began. Guests attacked one another with knives, pistols, rifles, bottles –anything which came to hand.

When at last the guests were separated it was found that the bridegroom had been killed. Three other villagers died also, and a large number were injured.