Reported in the News Letter on August 8, 1960: Cuba is subservient to communism, claims US

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The United States yesterday accused Cuba of economic aggression, military interference in neighbouring countries, disregarding human rights, and increasing international tension by subservience to Chinese and Soviet Communism.

Earlier, it was announced in Havana that Dr Castro’s government had nationalised three-quarters of American-owned property in Cuba as its answer to the US cut in the Cuban sugar quota.

The US charges were made in a 78-page memorandum to the Peace Committee of the 21-nation Organisation of American States, whose council meets today in Washington to fix the agenda for the meeting of OAS foreign ministers later this month at San Jose, Costa Rica.

The nationalisation announcement was made at a 50,000-strong Youth Rally in Havana early yesterday by Major Raul Castro, the Cuban Armed Forces Minister and younger brother of the Prime Minister.

Dr Castro, reported ill with pneumonia three weeks ago, made his first appearance since July 26. He spoke for nearly three hours in a hoarse voice which failed him once, about 30 minutes after he began. Major Castro took over, and made the announcement while the Premier recovered his voice.

In his speech, Dr Castro denounced the coming Costa Rica conference as a “Yankee manoeuvre” against Cuba.