Reported in the News Letter on August 8, 1960: Ulster Grand Prix watched by over 100,000 spectators

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Far and away the greatest and most thrilling Ulster Grand Prix ever held.

That was the opinion of more than 100,000 people who attended the racing at Dundrod on Saturday [August 6].

To that opinion can be added that of technical journalists, who are in agreement that the 1960 Ulster Grand Prix was the greatest race of the present world championship series, the concluding event of which will be the Italian Grand Prix at Monza next month.

It was officially stated yesterday that more than 8,000 cars and 2,000 motor cycles used the car parks and that the UTA had carried 7,000 to the course before noon.

A protest was lodged by the Italian team before the end of the 350cc race which was won by John Surtees riding an MV Agusta. Such a protest had never before been made in connection with an Ulster Grand Prix, although the Italians were quite within their rights in lodging it if they felt they had grounds for so doing.

However, the engine of the AJS was found to measure 349.209cc, well within the permitted capacity.

Despite the high speeds, the few crashes which did occur had no really serious consequences. The most seriously injured was the Japanese rider, T Tanaka, who was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital with a fractured leg bone and a fractured ankle.