Reported in the News Letter on December 12, 1936: Impressive new cinema opens on Falls Road


The latest addition to the Curran group of cinemas in Belfast is the Broadway, which is to be opened this evening, when Mr Richard Hayward, who has scored such a success in Ulster films, is expected to appear in person as well as on the screen.

Like all the newer buildings of the Curran circuit, the Broadway has been designed by Mr Thomas McLean, of Ocean Buildings, Belfast. It occupies a fine site on the Falls Road, and it has seats for 1,500 people.

As in all Curran theatres, there is a commodious cloakroom.

The balcony seats 270 patrons, and the seats, which are of the “tub” type and very comfortable, are carried out in a reddish colour to harmonise with the auditorium colour scheme, each seat being fitted with an effective ash tray.

The balcony is covered with deep carpet of pleasing modern design and colours.

The auditorium is very large, being 120 feet in length and 62 feet in width.

The entire floor of the auditorium is carpeted. The comfortable tip-up seats are also of the same colour as those in the balcony.

The stage is of a large size, suitable for theatrical performances. Ample dressing-room accommodation is provided at the sides of the stage.