Reported in the News Letter on December 13, 1939: Loyal brethren answer call of King and country and join up to fight Nazis


At yesterday’s meeting of the Royal Arch Purple Chapter of Ireland, held in the Orange Hall, Clifton Street, Belfast, Senator Sir Joseph Davison was unanimously re-elected Grand Master.

Sir Joseph, resuming office, spoke of the progress of the Chapter and the Orange and Black Institutions in Ireland.

The number of brethren who had responded to the call of King and country, he said, was in keeping with the loyalty for which the Order always stood. Their members had not been conscripted. They had volunteered, and that was the best possible proof of the spirit that had animated them.

Greater responsibility therefore rested upon those remained at home, in one kind of useful service or another, to carry on the good and necessary work of the Orange Order. He was sure that that responsibility would be most willingly discharged.

The Grand Master impressed the importance of a roll being kept of the men who joined the Forces in the present war, so that the identity of every lodge with some part in the conflict might be maintained.

The prayer of everyone, he continued, was that peace might soon come about; but it was a peace they wanted which would bring to the nations of the world not anxiety, but security. He was sorry to see that one part of the British Commonwealth had remained neutral in the present war.