Reported in the News Letter on December 19, 1956: Surrey farmer stands firm in pylon row


Mr Dudley Glanfield, a Windlesham (Surrey) farmer, who has objected to the erection of an electricity pylon on his land, has sent a telegram to the Central Electricity Authority saying: “Any attempt at entry will be forcibly resisted at your peril.”

He was told yesterday by the Authority that workmen would cut down trees on his land on Friday [December 21].

Mr Glanfield, who farms 550 acres at Twelve Oaks Farm, Windlesham, told a Press Association reporter yesterday; “I am not having this sort of game at Christmas time as well. Any representatives of the Central Electricity Authority will be chased off.”

Mr Glanfield said that a letter he wrote last month to the Minister of Fuel and Power suggesting that the legal and moral wrongs he had suffered might be righted by a public inquiry on Crichel Down lines, had remained unanswered.

Last month, Mr Glanfield said his solicitors had served a High Court writ on the Central Electricity Authority. The writ gave notice that, among other things, he would seek an injunction restraining the Authority from entering on his land, placing or leaving a pylon and foundations and/or electricity lines; lopping, cutting and felling trees and hedges.