Reported in the News Letter on December 5, 1952: Keep fit for women ‘a good thing’


Representatives of youth organisations and others interested in physical recreation last night attended the inaugural meeting of the Women’s Keep Fit Association of Northern Ireland in the McQuiston Junior School, Donegall Pass, Belfast.

Miss I Jackson said that “Keep Fit” for women was now recognised by local and central government authorities as a good thing – but she felt that this was not as yet well known among the public. They hoped that the Association would have branches in the provincial towns as well as in Belfast.

Training courses for leaders were now being held, but the number of women trained was still small. It was insufficient to meet even the needs of Belfast. She hoped that fairly soon they would have enough leaders to take classes both in Belfast and outside.

Mrs Brian Faulkner, who was elected president, said that they did not wish to trample on the toes of organisations which already existed, but to fill a gap. They hoped to cater for people over 21 who were no longer eligible for membership of youth organisations.