Reported in the News Letter on February 14, 1934: Greyhounds fight on express train

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Forty greyhounds in a van attached to the night Scot express from Aberdeen to London were found at Crewe yesterday to have fought together.

Three were seen to be dead at Carlisle, and a message was sent to Crewe, the next stopping place, to have a veterinary surgeon in attendance.

On opening the door of the van at Crewe, officials found a number of the dogs growling and snarling. Many were prostrate on the floor and others were bleeding from terrible flesh wounds.

For some time it was impossible to enter as several of the dogs stood guard over the dead, and they became more ferocious.

Captain R M Lee, a veterinary surgeon, was eventually successful in pacifying the animals.

The three dead were taken from the van, and three others were so severely mutilated that they had to be destroyed.

Sixteen others had their wounds dressed.