Reported in the News Letter on February 14, 1934: Scenes of carnage as Socialists are pounded in Vienna

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The Austrian Socialists are holding out stubbornly against the combined forces of the Federal Government and the Nationalist ‘army’, the Heimwehr, and it is believed that today will bring a crisis for the Dollfuss Government if it does not quench the rebellion in the capital.

Although pounded by artillery at short range, the Socialists appear to be holding grimly to their positions in Vienna, and even to be making progress in the provinces.

It was officially estimated last night that the casualties in Austria were 500 dead, and between 1,000 and 2,000 wounded. The official figures are obviously incomplete, as there are 123 bodies of civilians in one Viennese hospital alone.

Eye-witnesses describe the shelling of the famous Socialist block of flats as providing horrible scenes of carnage, the bodies of women and children being seen in the debris. Two streets in one district have been laid in ruins. A Berlin report says that sections of the Fifth Infantry Regiment have deserted to the Socialists.

[The Austrian Civil War took place between February 12 and February 16, 1934, and ended with defeat for the Socialists.]