Reported in the News Letter on February 21, 1933: Quality produce on display at British Industries Fair

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Buyers from all parts of the world have come to England for the purpose of visiting the British Industries Fair, which, following the precedent of past years, is being held in London and Birmingham.

In the London section, Olympia is being utilised for the display of a very wide range of manufactured goods, whilst the White City has been reserved for the exhibition of textiles and furniture.

The fair has the distinction of being the largest national trade exhibition in the world, and a new record has been created this year in regard to the number of exhibitors and the area of floor space occupied by the stands.

At Olympia and the White City there are miles of stands, and anyone who set out with the intention of making a general inspection of the exhibits would be exhausted long before he completed his task. Every branch of manufacturing is represented, and it is gratifying to see that the old British standard of quality is being maintained.

A prominent position has been allotted to the Northern Ireland stand. On the buff-coloured background the Arms of Ulster are displayed, and underneath there is a card inscribed with the words: “Ulster Produce is British Produce.”

Speaking at a banquet given in London last night to celebrate the opening of the Fair, the Prince of Wales spoke of the worldwide determination to revive trade: “We must try to look forward with our heads up and our tails up, not with slack optimism, but with sane wisdom, confident that although recovery must be slow, yet the more likely it is to be certain and lasting.”