Reported in the News Letter on February 21, 1933: Zangara is jailed for 80 years over Roosevelt murder bid

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Laughing loudly, Joe Zangara, the Italian-American who attempted to kill Mr Roosevelt, was hastily led from court yesterday to begin the terms of imprisonment totalling 80 years to which he had been sentenced.

Zangara was sentenced to 20 years each, on four charges of attempting to murder Mr Roosevelt (the President-elect), Miss Kruis Russell Coldwell, and Mr William Sinnott, who were all wounded by bullets from Zangara’s revolver [in Miami]. The sentences are to run consecutively.

Zangara pleaded guilty to all the charges. Mr T Wyman, his chief counsel, said that after talking to doctors and Zangara himself, the defence came to the conclusion that he could be nothing but sane.

When he was asked by the judge why he had plotted to kill the President-elect, Zangara answered: “I suffer all the time my stomach. I no like the way capitalist take all the money.

“When I read in paper that President come here I decide kill him. I no want shoot Cermak or anybody except Roosevelt. I aimed at him, but somebody moved my arm. They fools.”

After sentence, Zangara held up eight fingers, saying: “Judge, how much you give me!” Judge Collins nodded. Zangara asked: “Oh judge, don’t be stingy. Four times twenty is eighty. Give me hundred years.”

The assailant may yet be tried for murder if Mayor Cermak of Chicago, or Mrs Gill, die. Zangara’s shooting of them was not included in the charges heard yesterday.

[Zangara pleaded guilty to murder after Anton Cermak died on March 6. He was sentenced to death and died by electric chair in Florida State Prison on March 20. 1933.]