Reported in the News Letter on February 7, 1958: Archbishop of Armagh presented with silver episcopal cross

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Until recently, the Archbishop of Armagh was the only Archbishop of the Anglican Church in the British Isles who had not an episcopal cross.

Now that omission has been remedied, and in future the Archbishops will be preceded by a beautiful silver cross.

Representatives of subscribers all over Ireland met in Armagh on January 24 to make the presentation, but the gathering was small, owing to the weather conditions.

The new cross is a reproduction to scale of the head of the old Cross of Armagh, which stood on the slope of the hill on the east of the Cathedral from about 1100 until 1813 when it was thrown down and broken during disorders. The remains are preserved in the Cathedral, but some pieces are missing. It was of sculptured Celtic design.

A Latin inscription reads in translation: “The gift of friends throughout Ireland, in token of deep respect to the Most Reverend John Alan Fitzgerald Gregg, Archbishop of Armagh, for his use and the use of his successors.”