Reported in the News Letter on January 17, 1929: Almost 400 lives lost in sea tragedies

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Some 370 lives were lost, including those of two Scottish officers, in the early hours of yesterday morning, when the Chinese coastal steamer Hsin Wah struck a rock and sank off Hong Kong Harbour. Of 400 souls aboard only 26 have been rescued. The ship foundered 300 yards off the coast.

A lifeboat disaster occurred off the Dutch coast yesterday, when the Hook of Holland lifeboat capsized with the loss of its crew of eight while going to the assistance of a Latvian steamer.

The liner Majestic arrived in New York yesterday with its third-class quarters in chaos, five crew injured, and the announcement that an assistant cook had been buried at sea. The damage was caused by a tremendous sea, which poured tons of water into the ship. The cook was caught in the wave, and his neck was broken.

Snow fell in many parts of Britain yesterday, and frost was keen. Much more severe conditions are reported from the Continent. Paris was swept by a blizzard, and snow is general in France. A temperature of 15 degrees below zero was registered in Denmark, where a gale has raised huge snowdrifts, stopping trains.