Reported in the News Letter on January 24, 1924: Dastardly attempt to wreck Glasgow-Edinburgh express train

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A dastardly attempt at train wrecking was made early yesterday morning on the main line of the London North-Eastern railway, between Bishopsbriggs and Lenzie.

While a goods train, proceeding eastwards towards Edinburgh, was approaching Cledden’s Bridge, the engine jolted dangerously over some obstruction, but fortunately kept the rails. On examination, several large coping-stones, which had been removed from a wall nearby, were found, having apparently been scattered by the strong metal fenders which protected the fore wheels of the engine.

The spot is a quiet one, with a field on one side and a public road on the other, but the latter is little frequented during the night.

The goods train was due to be followed shortly by the mail and newspaper express train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and it is believed that the obstruction was intended for the latter.