Reported in the News Letter on January 24, 1924: Glowing tributes as Sir William is re-elected to Lord Mayor post

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At the statutory quarterly meeting of the Belfast Corporation yesterday, Alderman Sir William Turner was unanimously re-elected Lord Mayor.

Alderman Sir Joseph Davison, proposing the re-election of Sir William Turner, said that during the past year he had carried out the duties attaching to his high office in a manner that had given entire satisfaction not only to the members of the Corporation, but also to the citizens generally, while in all he had done he had been most ably supported by Lady Turner.

Alderman Duff (High Sherriff) said it was indeed an honour and a privilege to second the resolution, and no words of his were required – he would, therefore, show his sincerity by simply seconding the resolution without further parley or speech.

The resolution was then enthusiastically adopted.

Councillor Sir William Coates, congratulating the Lord Mayor, said that his re-election reflected the greatest possible credit upon him, and was the best proof of the appreciation that Council and the public had of the service he had rendered during the past year. When the Lord Mayor came into office he found the city at peace, and they all earnestly hoped it would long remain so. In regard to the Lady Mayoress, who they were delighted to see present, she had performed her duties in a manner most acceptable to the public. They wished them both every possible happiness and prosperity during the coming year.

Sir William Coates then invested the Lord Mayor with his chain of office and robes.