Reported in the News Letter on January 24, 1924: Labour Cabinet holds first meeting

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Much interest was shown in the first meeting of Britain’s first Labour Cabinet yesterday afternoon.

A crowd assembled in Downing Street, and about 40 photographers ranged in front of the doorway of No 10.

Mr Ramsay MacDonald walked across from the Foreign Office, but he was waylaid by the photographers, at whose request he consented to pose at the door of the Prime Minister’s official residence. The other Cabinet Ministers arrived quickly.

Only two, Lord Haldane and Mr Sidney Webb, wore silk hats. The Cabinet broke up at six o’clock, and the following communique was subsequently issued: “The Cabinet held its first meeting at 10 Downing Street this afternoon at 4pm, and sat for two hours.

“Preliminary decisions were taken in regard to a number of questions, including unemployment, housing, agriculture and those affecting ex-Servicemen, with a view to effecting immediate improvements.”

• On behalf of the North Belfast Branch of the Independent Labour Party,a letter has been sent to Mr Ramsay MacDonald, congratulating him on his appointment as the first Labour Prime Minister of Britain, and assuring him of the abiding loyalty of the members of the branch.