Reported in the News Letter on January 31, 1948: Full strength of Royal Navy revealed

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The British Navy today is “completely powerless to maintain the national prestige, or to protect in any way the national home,” according to the Navy League, which in the February issue of its magazine, ‘The Navy’, publishes the operational strength of the various fleets.

The full operational strength of the Navy today is given as: no battleships; two aircraft carriers; 11 cruisers; four destroyers with the Home Fleet and three or four destroyer flotillas – 24 or 32 ships – with the Mediterranean and Pacific Fleets; 10 frigates; two submarine flotillas and four sloops.

“There is nothing shameful in the fact,” says ‘The Navy’, “that as a result of our great exertions in the war we can no longer maintain the greatest fleet in the world. But it is shameful to hide the fact and to bamboozle the British public.”

Mr H T Bishop, General Secretary of the Navy League, said the Government had consistently refused to divulge the actual strength of the Royal Navy.

“We are publishing it because we believe that the British public should be given the facts,” said Mr Bishop.