Reported in the News Letter on July 11, 1958: Palace refuses to let safety chiefs use Queen photograph


The British Safety Council have been refused permission to reproduce on posters a photograph of the Queen in the miner’s safety rig which she used last week to go down a coal mine.

Mr Leonard D Hodge, national organiser for the Council, said yesterday: “I am, of course, bitterly disappointed at the Palace attitude, particularly following upon their statement of two days ago inferring that had we asked permission it would have been granted. To be perfectly frank, I am shocked.”

Earlier, Mr Hodge had said that the poster was similar to a small one circulated to council members without Palace permission. Many requests had been received from firms all over Britain wishing to use the poster and impress their workpeople on taking clothing precautions. A United States firm had cabled for 5,000 copies.

Mr Hodge said he thought the Queen’s example would stop many people from suffering accidents.

The ban was imposed in a letter from the Privy Purse office at Buckingham Palace stating: “Permission is not granted for you to reproduce a photograph of the Queen in a poster such as you suggest in your letter.”