Reported in the News Letter on July 25, 1927: Prestigious honour for Archbishop d’Arcy

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We are able to state – and the announcement will be received with pleasure by his numerous friends – that his Grace the Lord Primate of All Ireland (Most Rev Dr d’Arcy) has been elected a Fellow of the British Academy.

The British Academy is an assembly of prominent men of letters and scholarship, outside science. It has only 125 Fellows, whereas the Royal Society consists of nearly 600 Fellows. This fact shows the distinction which a Fellowship of the Academy carries with it. Each member is entitled to the letters “F.B.A” after his name.

The Academy, which was founded in 1893, is divided into nine sections – Ancient History and Archaeology; Medieval and Modern History, Archaeology and Art; Biblical Criticism and Archaelogy; Oriental Studies; Literature and Philology: Classical Literature and Philology; Medieval and Modern Philiosphy; Jurisprudence; and Economic Science.

A Fellow of the Academy writes: “It is to this Academy that the Archbishop of Armagh has been elected on the ground of his scholarship, originality, and high character, as well as on account of his splendid administration of his official duties in Ireland and especially in Ulster.

The Archbishop’s election has been a real pleasure to the President and Fellows of the Academy.”