Reported in the News Letter on July 4, 1938: New £500 Orange hall opens in Tyrone

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Bro the Rev A A G Kirkpatrick opened a new hall for Gortaclare LOL 1293 at Laragh, Beragh, on Saturday [July 2].

The hall was built by members of the lodge under the supervision of Bro R Fenton, at a cost of over £500.

Mr J J K Johnston BA said that recently Mr De Valera’s son had stated that after taking over the Lough Swilly defences, the next step would be to take over Derry City, but he did not think that he (Mr Johnston) or, for that matter, young Mr De Valera, would ever see the tricolour flying over the Maiden City.

Bro Captain T McClay said they heard a lot about the tolerance of the South, and the bigotry of the North, but there was one fact that could not be overcome, and that was the ever-decreasing Protestant population in the South and the ever-increasing Roman Catholic population in the North.