Reported in the News Letter on July 4, 1938: Ulster will never be part of an Irish Republic, vows Stormont minister

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“It is my duty and privilege on behalf of loyalists to tell the leaders of ‘Eire’ once again, definitely and finally, that in no circumstances, come what may, will we ever agree to this Ulster of ours forming part of a United Irish Independent Republic of which the King is not the head.”

So declared Mr J M Andrews, Minister of Finance, at Saturday [July 2] when he opened a new Orange hall at Castlereagh, near Belfast.

“The leaders of Southern Ireland have made it abundantly clear in their speeches during the recent election and since that they have obtained from Great Britain everything they wanted with the exception of Ulster, and also that they will never be happy until they secure it.

“I feel, therefore, that it is only fair to those who control the affairs of ‘Eire’ that I should tell them again today, definitely and finally, that we shall never agree to Northern Ireland becoming part of an all-Ireland independent republic of which the King is not the head, and in this determination I feel confident that we will have the support of the vast majority of the British public.”

The hall is an attractive and spacious building on the site of Conn O’Neill’s castle, overlooking Belfast and district.

It will be the headquarters of Forsythe True Blues Temperance LOL 744.