Reported in the News Letter on June 13, 1922: Sinn Fein takes vengeance on Darrel Figgis by cutting his whiskers

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Darrel Figgis, the Sinn Fein intellectual who has been acting as secretary to the Free State Constitution Drafting Committee, has lost his whiskers.

Last week he had the temerity to break the Collins-De Valera pact by allowing a body of businessmen to nominate him as an Independent candidate for Co Dublin. At midnight last night, he paid the penalty for his insubordination.

Three men called at his house in Kildare Street, Dublin, and, despite his wife’s entreaties, two of them held him in a chair while the third produced a pair of scissors and played havoc with his “straggly” red beard. They threatened to clip his hair also, but yielded to Mrs Figgis’s entreaties.

Figgis struck a dramatic attitude when the raiders declared their intention.

“It is not me you will disfigure,” he said, “it is Ireland; it is not me you will humiliate, it is Ireland.”

But the raiders only laughed and went on with their work.