Reported in the News Letter on June 27, 1963: Man’s audacious bid to snatch a kiss off Princess

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A short elderly man made an apparent attempt to kiss Princess Margaret as she entered Sadler’s Wells Theatre last night. The Princess “did not bat an eye-lid”.

The “Prince Charming’s” would-be greeting was cut short by Sadler’s Wells manager Mr David MacKenna, who headed him off and pushed him clear.

The little man was already on his way out – asked to leave because he had no ticket – when Princess Margaret appeared through the doors.

The welcoming party was assembled in the foyer. Television cameras captured her arrival for millions of viewers.

And then, said Mr Douglas Bailey, the theatre manager, the little man they had asked to leave “appeared out of thin air”. He made a bee-line for the Princess and tried to greet her. Mr Bailey and Mr MacKenna reached out and held him back. The man left without giving his name and police said no action would be taken against him.

Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon were attending a gala performance of Giulio Cesare, organised on behalf of the Sunshine Homes and Schools for Blind Children.