Reported in the News Letter on June 27, 1963: New electronic cooker allows hotel chef to grill a steak in 30 seconds

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Belfast catering has entered a new era with the opening of the new Copper Room in the Grand Central Hotel.

Incorporating a lounge, grill and restaurant, the new premises replace the old grill room with a new approach to eating out.

One of the aims of the hotel in the new room is to provide a quick lunchtime service for businessmen. Even those who are working under the highest pressure need no longer content themselves with a glass of milk and a sandwich.

The main aid to swift service is the new cooker – the first of its kind in Northern Ireland. Cooking by electronics, it can grill a steak in 30 seconds.

“Good food is my religion,” said chef de cuisine, Mr Jervise H Moore, who finds that the new electronic cooker greatly simplifies the job of providing meals in a hurry.

“I have been associated with the Grand Central practically all my life, and I have been a chef now for many years ... and it only took me about a day to learn how to use this.”

He demonstrated the properties of the cooker.

“A poached egg, sir, certainly – in 15 seconds.”

Mr Moore demonstrated this by breaking an egg into a glass, opening the oven, putting it in, closing the door, turning a dial, and producing the cooked egg 15 seconds later.

The premises will be open 10am to 10pm. Prices are moderate – a good meal can be obtained for 7s 6d, although for those who are having a night out the sky is the limit.