Reported in the News Letter on June 6, 1963: Learner driver hopes for ‘fairer treatment’ in Ulster

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Miss Margaret Hunter, the retired Stockport schoolteacher, who is in Northern Ireland with a view to passing a driving test, was in optimistic mood as she motored through some of Belfast’s main streets yesterday evening.

Miss Hunter, who arrived in Belfast the other day for the express purpose of obtaining a driving licence, will be remembered as the pupil who caused her instructor in England earlier in the year to jump out of the car shouting: “It’s suicide.”

Yesterday evening Miss Hunter had a driving lesson from Roy McGuicken, of the Central School of Motoring, her route during her hour at the wheel taking her along Royal Avenue, Shankill Road, Falls Road, Castle Street, High Street, Donegall Street and Corporation Street.

She appeared to handle the car fairly confidently, but at one point she drove several yards over the studs, when the traffic lights were against her; on another occasion she allowed one of her near-side wheels to mount the footpath.

Miss Hunter hopes to take her test in Lisburn tomorrow. When asked why she had decided to try Northern Ireland, she replied: “I am hoping they will give me fairer treatment here than they did in England.”

[On June 8, the News Letter reported that Miss Hunter had failed her “L” driver test for the third time. She had 12 failures out of a possible 19. Miss Hunter performed her test in a blue mini followed by a procession of cars full of newspaper men and photographers. By the time she got to Lisburn, casual motorists and cyclists had lengthened the cavalcade. After a series of mishaps, she returned to her starting point to be handed over the heavily-marked failure sheet. Afterwards, a beaten but unbowed Miss Hunter said: “I am determined to get a full licence and I will drive my own car one day.”]