Reported in the News Letter on March 28, 1958: US plans to send space ships to the moon

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The United States yesterday announced plans to send space ships to the moon and perhaps even land on it.

The space ships will carry a “primitive television” device to scan the moon, including the side which cannot be seen from Earth.

The American plans, approved by President Eisenhower, call for at least five attempts to send unmanned space vehicles to the lunar area. Two of these attempts will be made by the Army and three by the Air Force.

The White House said work on “lunar probes” had been under way for some time. Mr Hagerty, the Presidential Press Secretary, said that every type of possibility had been covered – hitting the moon, circling round it, and even trying to land an unmanned vehicle on it.

Mr Hagerty said that since numerous test rocket launchings probably would be required, it was not intended to offer a timetable or to speculate on probable dates.