Reported in the News Letter on March 7, 1957: Nehru apologises for insult to Queen

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Mr Nehru, the Indian Prime Minister, last night offered his apologies to the Queen for the “wholly intemperate” article published in the Indian “Economic Review”, a Congress Party journal.

Mr Nehru said in New Dehli: “I was greatly disturbed to read this article. The editor Shriman Narayan had been away and this number was issued without his knowledge. I deeply regret the publication of this note, which is in very bad taste. I am particularly disturbed that the Queen’s name should have been brought into this, and I should like to offer my apologies to her.”

On the instructions of the Indian Government, the High Commissioner for India has written to the Queen expressing regret for the article.

The “Economic Review” had said in an editorial that the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Portugal was “birds of the same feather flocking together on the eve of their doom”.

The editorial described the Queen as “Queen of all the Britons, now of fading glory... cursed as they are by millions and millions of world humanity whom British imperialism has crushed, oppressed and butchered”.