Reported in the News Letter on March 7, 1957: Officer injured in gun battle as IRA attacks Fermanagh police station again

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A special constable was wounded early this morning when IRA raiders from Eire made the third armed attack of the winter on Derrylin police station, Co Fermanagh.

A fierce battle raged between the police and the raiders until reinforcements from Enniskillen arrived, when the attackers were driven off.

The constable’s wounds are believed not to be serious although he was hit on the head. He was taken to Fermanagh County Hospital, Enniskillen.

This was the second IRA outrage last night. Earlier, the new Army Recruiting Centre in Cecil Street, Newry, was badly damaged by a bomb. No-one was injured although the caretaker, Mr Hopkins, his wife and three children live on the premises and were in the living quarters at the rear of the building at the time.

During the Derrylin attack, which started at 12.15am and lasted about 15 minutes, the station was sprayed by machine gun and rifle fire from a large force of the IRA and windows were shattered by bullets. Police in the station put up such a fierce resistance that the raiders were unable to force an entrance.

Derrylin, which is 11 miles from Enniskillen, has been raided twice previously. On December 13, a party of IRA raiders attacked it with machine-gun fire but were repulsed. On December 30, in a vicious bomb attack, a member of the RUC, Constable John Scally, was killed.