Reported in the News Letter on November 14, 1955: Amazing benefits of ‘painless pinpricks’


An ancient Chinese system of curing nervous ailments, common colds and digestive ailments by “painless pinpricks” with gold and silver pins has been revived in 

Dr Johannes Bischko, who has founded a society to practise the method, told 30 doctor-members yesterday that as many as 14 pins were left under the skin at certain points of the body for one to three minutes.

A doctor who attended one of the society demonstrations recently suffered so severely from a pain of the hip that he could hardly walk, Dr Bischko said. After treatment during the demonstration, he walked from the room without any 

According to old Chinese belief, a number of pins stuck for a few minutes into the skin below the navel would permanently increase the capacity of the patient for hard work and concentration or would increase the capacity of children to learn.