Reported in the News Letter on November 21, 1930: ‘No truth’ over shipyard holiday rumours


Hopes of further substantial orders for the Belfast shipyards are held out as the result of negotiations at present being conducted by the Ulster Government.

In the Northern House of Commons yesterday, the Prime Minister said that he had not heard a rumour that the shipyards were to be closed for two months for the Christmas Holidays.

The debate arose out a question by Mr Beattie (Soc., Pottinger), who asked the Prime Minister what he proposed to do for the industries of Northern Ireland and unemployment.

The Prime Minister said that the Government was at present in active negotiations regarding the provision of further work at the shipyards, the execution of extensive electrical undertakings, and, in conjunction with local authorities, the promotion of numerous public utility schemes.

He added that there was not a scintilla of truth in a statement by Mr Beattie that Ulster could not have carried on unemployment insurance without British assistance. Ulster had contributed £23,000,000 to Great Britain since the Government was set up.