Reported in the News Letter on November 7, 1938: Oslo blaze leaves 30 dead


Thirty people lost their lives in a fire which destroyed a house in Oslo. It was the biggest fire disaster which Oslo has seen for the last 100 years.

The fire started during a party in a photographer’s studio on the fourth floor. When the fire brigade arrived, the top floors of the building were blazing. Four people flung themselves from a window on to the pavement below and three of them were killed instantly. The fourth died shortly afterwards in hospital.

The fire was got under control after several hours’ strenuous work by the brigade.

In the ruins yesterday morning 13 bodies were found so badly burned that they could not be identified. It is thought that the people in the studio attempted to escape through the door but found their way blocked. The scene of the disaster is a few hundred yards only from the Royal Palace.

Most of the victims were young people, and not one of those present escaped except a woman who had left a few minutes before the fire broke out.