Reported in the News Letter on October 10, 1936: Unionism ‘needs more money for propaganda’


The need for propaganda to counteract the outrageous statements made by ill-informed persons about Ulster was stressed by Viscountess Craigavon yesterday when she presided at the opening of the successful Country Market held at the Unionist Headquarters, Glengall Street, Belfast, by the Ulster Women’s Unionist Council.

Lady Dunleath declared open the sale, which was organised by a committee, of which Mrs Casement was chairman. All parts of the Province shared in the work, and there were stalls representing each of the Six Counties.

Lady Craigavon said she would like to see more money available for propaganda. She had stressed the importance of that part of their activities on many previous occasions, but she made no apology for repeating it, for she felt it was the one thing in which their opponents had the advantage.

They had had evidence of that recently when a small and ill-informed body of persons took it upon themselves to make the most outrageous statements about Northern Ireland, statements which, she was sorry to say, had evoked a great deal of comment across the Channel from people ignorant of the true position. She felt that if they had more money to spend on propaganda the aspersions cast upon Ulster could be more easily counteracted.