Reported in the News Letter on October 10, 1936: ‘White Ribboners’ temperance group in drive for new members


Yesterday afternoon, under the auspices of the Ulster Women’s Christian Temperance Union, a drawing-room meeting and sale was held at 7 College Park East, Belfast, the residence of Principal Paul and Mrs Paul.

This Union is familiarly known as “the White Ribboners” because its badge is a knot of white ribbon. Mrs W Mitchell, whose husband is minister of Antrim Presbyterian Church, is its president, and Mrs Paul, who kindly lent her house for the meeting, is vice-president.

The aim of the Union this winter is to enrol many new members, and so strengthen the cause of temperance in our midst. Its attitude is that to excel in competition with others, either in sport or the realities of school, college or commercial life, requires in these days clear heads and steady hands.

All afternoon there was a crowd of visitors interested in the temperance cause, and soon the flowers, cakes and sweets offered for sale were sold out.

Tea was served during the afternoon and a programme of music and other items was much enjoyed.