Reported in the News Letter on October 17, 1957: Booby trap device ‘was an attempt to injure officers’

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At dawn yesterday on a small bridge on a Tyrone road near Lough Neagh, the police saw a butter box on the road about the middle of the bridge.

Running from the box was a length of fuse with the end burned to give the impression that an attempt to blow up the bridge had failed.

Taking every precaution the police threw a rope round the box and dragged it some distance from the bridge. When examined by experts it was discovered that the box contained gelignite, which was set to be detonated by an electric battery. Had the box been lifted there would have been an immediate explosion.

The police are satisfied that it was an attempt to cause injury to personnel.

Later two men were detained.

A statement issued by the RUC headquarters yesterday said: “Early this morning an explosive charge was found to have been placed on a small bridge on the road leading to Washing Bay near Lough Neagh in Co Tyrone. A tree had been felled and thrown across the road on each side of the bridge. The charge, which was of the booby trap-type, was rendered harmless and removed by the police.”