Reported in the News Letter on October 24, 1928: Churchill arrives late for poll event

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Mr Churchill was lost for nearly an hour last night in the woods of Essex. He was on his way to address his constituents at Theydon Bois. It was 8.50, instead of 8 o’clock, that he arrived.

He dined with Lady Lloyd at Rolls Park, only a few miles away, and should have got to the meeting in 10 or 12 minutes, but his chauffeur mistook the road, and drove Mr Churchill to Theydon Bois by way of North Weald, several miles on the other side of Epping.

While waiting the audience joined in community singing, and Sir Harry Goschen made a “stop-gap” speech. Mr Churchill turned the incident to account, urging the electors not to take a wrong turning at the General Election.

He declared the Liberals hoped, by running 500 candidates, of whom perhaps only 50 or 60 would be elected, to baffle the electors, and what was called “queer the pitch”. They hoped to produce a state of uncertainty in the Commons. That was not good for the country. What was required was a firm, sober-minded Government.

The Socialists were advancing hopefully, having refreshed themselves by two years of tranquility since the General Strike.

“I am told the moderate men are getting control. These appearances are very deceptive... Behind the scenes you will find the extreme men pulling the wires.”