Reported in the News Letter on October 24, 1928: Government engineer sent to examine Newry canal damage

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An appeal was made in the Northern House of Commons yesterday for Government assistance in the work of repairing the damage caused to Newry canal by the storm at the weekend and, while no definite promise was given, it was stated that the Government was taking steps to see what could be done.

Mr P O’Neill, who raised the matter, said the culvert had given way, with the result that the canal was absolutely dry, and, he was afraid, would be so for a considerable length of time. Its repair was not alone a question of expense, but of engineering difficulty.

The Minister of Commerce assured the House that the Government was quite alive to the importance of Newry as a port.

“Instructions have already been given to our engineer to go down and make an investigation as to the extent of the damage, the approximate time the repair would occupy, and the cost of repair, and while it would be premature to say what could be done or what the Government is prepared to do, I assure hon. members that the Government will take the matter into consideration with great sympathy.”