Reported in the News Letter on October 31, 1955: Rome issues invitation to 2,000 English clergymen


An authoritative invitation to join the Roman Catholic Church was issued yesterday to a group of nearly 2,000 clergymen of the Church of England distressed by a recent decision of their supreme ecclesiastical governing body.

The Rev Charles Boyer, a Jesuit, and Dean of the Gregorian University theological faculty, published the invitation in “Unitas”, the organ of a Roman Catholic Association for Christian unity.

Writing of the distress caused to an “Annunciation group” of the Church of England by a decision to recognise bishops and ministers of a new “Amalgam” church in Southern India, he says that the duty of Roman Catholics was clear.

“They will pray that the leaders of the Church of England will abandon the way to compromise, ruinous of sound doctrine.

“And they will pray that those who do not accept this way will receive the strength to follow their consciences. Indeed, they will be ready to receive with fraternal joy and understanding those who come to them.”

The Convocations of Canterbury and York, representative of the clergy and bishops of the Church of England, decided three months ago to grant full recognition to the bishops and other ministers of religion to the Church of South India, which is composed of Anglicans, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Congregationalists.

Members of the “Annunciation Group” claimed that the non-Anglican pastors of this church lacked the Apostolic succession.