Reported in the News Letter on September 5, 1964: Irish Guards donate ‘spare pennies’ to worthwhile causes


Soldiers in the First Battalion of the Irish Guards, stationed in Germany, have been pooling their spare pennies over the past year to go to Irish causes.

Major S J Greenaway, the area recruiting officer, explained yesterday: “Every Saturday the Guards had a ‘bit of a do’ and all spare coppers were donated to a central purse. This purse was then counted – the figures arrived at were pretty impressive – and the cash split between two worthwhile charities.”

As about half the men in Germany with the Guards are from Ulster and the others come from Eire, the money has been split in two. Half goes to a Protestant cause in the north and the other half to a Roman Catholic one in the south.

Sergeant-Major J Kenney took up the story: “Next time it will be a Roman Catholic charity in the north and a Protestant organisation in Eire.”

The donations will go this year to the Parents and Friends of Dee Street Special Care School, Belfast. The south-bound money will be passed on to Captain Mungo Park, who will then send it to a deserving society there.