Sarah Shimmons shows us her favourite room

Sarah's stunning kitchen
Sarah's stunning kitchen

Sarah lives in a beautiful five-bedroom house in Lisburn.

She shares her home with her husband Aaron and their two dogs Fern and Frankie.

The couple have lived in the property for two years.

“The houses in the area are all very unique,’’ said Sarah.

‘‘We had the opportunity to personalise the property internally as it was being built.

‘‘The location is perfect, giving us easy access to Belfast and also to my work with Linwoods in Armagh.’’

Sarah said her favourite room is the kitchen and dining area.

‘‘We love to eat healthy, freshly prepared foods and it’s where we meet in the evenings after work to unwind and talk about our day,’’ said Sarah.

‘‘The room is at the heart of our home.

‘‘I love to get creative in the kitchen and because of my work with Linwoods, I often experiment with new recipes using their range of healthy superfoods.

‘‘A healthy diet is really important to me and this way I can come up with new ways to easily factor a range of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals into my diet.’’

Sarah said she loves the décor in the kitchen which gives the house a modern yet traditional feel.

‘‘Grey is a core colour throughout the house and the dark tone here works well with the lighter kitchen, creating a homely feel.

‘‘The size of the room allows for an industrial style dining table which makes entertaining easy.’’

Sarah designed the kitchen herself.

“There’s a lot of creativity within these walls!,’’ she laughed.

“I love searching for ideas online and seeing the vision brought to life.’’

Sarah’s favourite piece in the kitchen is her range cooker.

‘‘I love the big range at the centre of the kitchen.

‘‘It allows us to cook for big numbers and gives the kitchen a traditional edge.

‘‘We have a beautiful picture of the Mourne Mountains hanging on the wall near the kitchen, which is a nod to my husband’s love for mountain running and some of my mother’s china on display in the kitchen, as she loved that part of her house too.’’

Sarah and her husband lead busy work lives and both love to work out, so that doesn’t leave us a lot of time during the week to enjoy being at home, so at the weekends she loves to spend time in her kitchen.

‘‘Usually on a Saturday night we will have the chance to indulge in some good food, and make something special.

‘‘Working in Linwoods I am surrounded by healthy foods which inspires me to eat well.

‘‘On a Sunday we will spend time prepping healthy meals for the week ahead, keeping our nutrition on track.’’

Sarah believes her favourite room is a perfect reflection of her character.

‘‘I feel the room is a good mix between calm and creativity which does reflect my personality.’’