‘This room is what happy means to me’

Patience Bradley in her favourite room
Patience Bradley in her favourite room

Where this room came from was that my mother really adored flowers and as a tribute to her I decided to create a living space that reminded me of her.

I remember when I began decorating the room, I stuck the ivy to the ceiling and I expected it to be on the floor the next day and it wasn’t. So from there the beautiful Flower Room literally grew.

I then began adding real plants that would be better known as “air plants” meaning they need little or no watering.

The colour scheme of the room is browns, creams and greens and what I wanted to do was create that feeling of being at one with the natural world.

What’s great about this room is that it’s like an Aladdin’s cave, there’s always room for everything, believe it or not.

I like to keep things so when people buy me flowers or I go to a wedding or an event where I have to wear a corsage or my husband Ivor has to wear a lapel flower I have a wall in the room with trellis on it where we can keep that reminder forever.

This room is my den, in the picture you can see only half of it, the other half is my dining room with a beautiful view across Belfast Lough so it’s always bright and airy.

This room has everything I need in it, I’ve lots of storage and because it’s nice and bright I can do my makeup and other things.

This was where I would have spent most of my time relaxing and working on my book (Patience recently released her memoir, Where Do You Go To My Lovely).

Because I felt close to my mum it made the perfect spot to look back on and remember my life.

What’s important to me is that this room really does what it’s supposed to do - it’s a “living room” it changes with me and my mood and the light.

In the middle of the winter the electric fire gives you a beautiful feeling of warmth and cosiness, whilst in the summer if I have the fountain and the water going it can feel like you are sitting outside enjoying the natural surroundings.

This room is what happy means to me, it’s comforting, warm, bright and loving.

The butterflies signify people who have moved on as most of them have been given to me by people who have passed on.

I’m always adding to this room, it’s never quite finished and that’s how I like it to be.

I don’t see interior design in the conventional sense, I like the room to live and grow with me. People always ask me how I keep it clean but cleaning this room is an absolute pleasure for me, each swipe of my dusting cloth reminds me of the personal reason I have decorated it in the way I have.