Queues at Belfast International Airport prompt calls for investment

Calls have been made for investment at Belfast International Airport to help the airport run more smoothly.

It comes after the airport apologised to passengers who experienced long queues at security check-in early yesterday morning.

Earlier this month, ahead of the busy Easter and summer travel period Belfast International Airport announced “an ongoing campaign to recruit over 200 roles at all levels”.

UUP candidate for South Antrim, Steve Aiken, said: “I know Graham (Keddie, the airport’s managing director) has been working hard to try and recruit more staff.

Belfast International Airport

“We do need to make significant investment in our premier airport, that’s something we really need to do.

“A combination between that and getting rid of air passenger duty (APD) so we can compete on a level playing field with Dublin.

“The management of the airport want to make it work well, we need to support them.”

He said: “What we need is proper investment in our premier airport. We as a party have always been calling for getting rid of APD, calling for the improved roads from the motorway to the airport – it’s ridiculous that people have to sometimes sit behind a tractor on the way to our international airport.

“The airport is well placed globally, particularly its position on the Atlantic, we just need to invest and support the airport management in everything they do.”