Dropped calves sell to £465 at Rathfriland Co-Op

Very large numbers of dropped calves for June. Prices were exceptional.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 1:43 pm

On Friday (June 7) a three month old Limousin bull calf sold at £465 from Ballyholland.

A Saintfield farmer sold a young Limousin bull calf at £385.

Dundrum farmer sold strong Friesian calves at £380, £380, £340.

Heifer calves topped at £370 for a Blue heifer from Ballela.

80 weanling calves sold to £975 from Ballyward.

A 390k Limousin male from Rathfriland sold at £920.

A top per kilo of 280p/k was paid for a 304k Charolais male at £850.

Store heifers topped at £880 for a 500k Simmentak from Ballinran.

A Shinn farmer topped the bullock section at £1,170 for a 640k Hereford followed by £1,090 for a similar lot.

Fat cows sold to £900 twice for 2 Shorthorn from Dromara at 640k and 672k.

A 580k Limousin from Mayobridge sold at £800.

Suckler heifers with calves at foot sold from £1,140 to £1,290 twice.

Breeding Simmentak bulls sold to 1,500gns and Hereford bulls to £900.

DROPPED CALVES: Ballyholland farmer: Limousin bull £465. Saintfield farmer: Limousin bull £385. Dundrum farmer: Friesian bulls £380, £380 and £340. Ballela farmer: 2 heifers £370, £320 and £300. Hillsborough farmer: Belgian Blue bulls £340, Hereford bulls £340, Hereford heifers £340 and £330. Ballyward farmer: 2 Charolais bulls £330 each. Saintfield farmer: Limousin heifers £290, £270, £240. Katesbridge farmer: Charolais bull £330, Belgian Blue heifers £330, £330 and £270.

WEANLINGS: Rathfriland farmer: 304k at £805 or 280p/k, 296k at £730 or 247p/k. Ballyroney farmer: 284k at £735 or 260p/k, 394k at £920 and 300k at £630. Derryneil farmer: 286k at £710 or 248p/k, 290k at £715 or 247p/k. Moyadd farmer: 246k at £630 or 256p/k. South Armagh farmer: 334k at £745, 302k at £700. Kilcoo farmer: 370k at £845, 286k at £640, 300k at £655.

FAT COWS: Dromara farmer: 640k at £900, 672k at £900, 650k at £835. Mayobridge farmer: 580k at £800. Downpatrick farmer: 688k at £790. Benagh farmer: 604k at £690. Carnacally farmer: 544k at £580.

BREEDING BULLS & SUCKLER COWS: 4 breeding young Simmental bulls sold to 1,500gns with non-registered pedigree to £1,000 twice. A young Hereford bull from Crossgar sold at £900. Suckler heifers with calves at foot sold to £1,290, £1,290 and £1,140 from Mayobridge.

Special entry on Friday, June 14 of two pedigree Charolais bulls from easy calving strain from Lisburn.

Lamb prices took a further rise on Tuesday evening.

The 20k-21k lots sold consistently from 440p/k to 450p/k eg, Hilltown farmer: 20.9k at £94. Dromara farmer: 20k at £89. A Ballinaskeagh farmer topped the sale at £97.50 for 23.8k.

All heavy lots from £95 up.

Fat ewes and rams sold to £109 from a Newry farm.

LAMBS: Ballinaskeagh farmer: 23.8k at £97.50. Downpatrick farmer: 25.9k at £96. Ballinaskeagh farmer: 25.8k at £96. Ballywillwill farmer: 24.8k at £95.50. Ballynanny farmer: 22.3k at £95. Drumlough farmer: 24k at £95. Loughorne farmer: 24.3k at £95. Newcastle farmer: 21.9k at £94. Rathfriland farmer: 21.9k at £92.50. Mullaghdrin farmer: 20.3k at £88.50. Hilltown farmer: 21.7k at £92.50. Hilltown farmer: 22k at £93.50. Hilltown farmer: 20.9k at £94. Ballykinlar farmer: 20k at £86. Cabra farmer: 20.6k at £87.50. Lisburn farmer: 20.5k at £89.

FAT EWES: Newry farmer: £109. Dromore farmer: £100. Newry farmer: £97. Hilltown farmer: £105. Warringstown farmer: £93. Dromara farmer: £93 etc.