Abandoned kittens need forever homes - can you help?

Millie and her kitters - funding page
Millie and her kitters - funding page
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An appeal has been launched to help care for abandoned mum Millie and her five little kittens.

The litter was found on the streets in Belfast and is now being cared for by Cats Protection.

Eighteen-month-old Millie was handed into Cats Protection’s Belfast Adoption Centre after being discovered with her tiny two-week-old kittens close to Windsor Park.

According to Cats Protection, the kittens, are now five weeks old – and have been named Callum, Connor, Countney, Drew and Pip.

Deputy Manager of the centre Andrew Doherty said: “Millie is only a young cat herself and had given birth to quite a large litter of kittens.

"Despite having to fend for herself on the streets as a stray, she’d done a really good job in keeping her kittens safe and warm.

“Now they’re with us, Millie is getting regular meals, warmth and shelter and is continuing to be a great mum.

"Being in our care means that the kittens are also being socialised with humans, so they will be able to be homed as pets, rather than live their lives as untamed ferals.

“All this comes at a cost – from paying for vaccinations and neutering to having staff available to socialise the kittens, not to mention food.”

He said that caring for Millie and her kittens will cost around £250 per cat, and the centre is asking for donations towards the cost of their care.

To make a donation, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/millieandfivekittens
For more information about adopting Millie, her kittens or any of the other cats at Belfast Adoption Centre, please call 028 9048 0202 or email belfast@cats.org.uk