Actor’s fan page is targeted by irate fans of Belfast city

Kit Harington
Kit Harington

The operator of a fan site dedicated to an actor who derided Belfast has pleaded with web users to stop leaving abusive messages.

English actor Kit Harington told an American chat show on Tuesday that whilst Belfast was “wonderful for two or three days”, he has now been based in the city for five years.

The Twitter webpage Kit Harington Online (@kitharingtoncom) has received abuse following his remarks – to the exasperation of the individual behind the web page.

They have had to repeatedly point out that they simply run an account devoted to Mr Harington’s career, and are not the actor himself.

In response to angry messages, Kit Harington Online wrote: “Guys, I AM NOT KIT. I’m just a fan running this site as a hobby and won’t be people’s verbal punchbags when I’ve said nothing about NI!”

Another read: “Not two days ago I said it was a breath of fresh air running this site compared to my other, and now I take it back”.

Nonetheless, one irate web user still wrote: “Belfast is a great city if you don’t like it then go away”, to which the fan page operator was forced to respond: “I’ve never been, as I’m not Kit”.

Mr Harington, who stays in Belfast whilst filming the hit TV show Game of Thrones, had been a guest on the TC show ‘Late Night with Seth Myers’.

He also criticised the tourism industry in the Province for its “depressing” focus on events like the Titanic’s sinking and the Troubles.