Adams rejects call for him to stand down as leader

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams. Picture: Freddie Parkinson/Press Eye
Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams. Picture: Freddie Parkinson/Press Eye

Gerry Adams has declined to say when he might step down as Sinn Fein president following a party officer’s call for him to resign.

According to a newspaper report on Saturday, Co Cavan Sinn Fein chairman Thomas Anthony McNulty said he was “angered” at Adams’ insistence that he will not retire.

Mr McNulty, who is originally from Co Tyrone, has spent more than 40 years on the run in the Republic.

He told the Irish News that the Co Louth TD was damaging the party’s electoral prospects south of the border, and said his sentiments would receive a “serious amount of support” with Sinn Fein.

In an interview with RTE, Mr Adams said he had no intention of indicating when he might retire. The debate has been ignited as Sinn Fein begins a party consultation process to develop it strategies for the next decade.

Mr Adams said: “This democratisation of our strategy formulation is an opportunity for the national and regional leadership of Sinn Fein to set the agenda and map out our aspirations and ambitions for Ireland over the next decade, as we continue to work towards Irish unity and transformation of Irish society, north and south”.

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has indicated he will not lead the party into the next general election.