Anger over Stormont policy on roadside paramilitary shrines

Jim Allister
Jim Allister

TUV leader Jim Allister has claimed that it is “official government policy” to allow terrorist shrines on roadsides.

Speaking in the wake of debate about removing flags from the Giro d’Italia route, he highlighted a recent update he received from Roads Minister Danny Kennedy on removing roadside “terrorist commemorations”.

Mr Kennedy replied that neither he nor any Department approves of illegal roadside memorials, which he said had much in common with kerb and lamppost painting, as well as “posing a risk to those tasked with their removal”.

He is following the practice of his ministerial predecessors Conor Murphy, Gregory Campbell and Peter Robinson, he said, in that his officials “do not remove terrorist commemorations on Departmental-controlled or associated property unless road safety is being compromised, or there are clear indications that action to remove them would have widespread local support”.

Mr Allister responded that it was now government policy to allow roadside terror shrines “but flags and [election] posters must go”.