Appearance of Nazi flags in Carrick condemned by Alliance MLA

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson
Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson

The appearance of Nazi flags in Carrickfergus has been condemned by Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson.

DUP MP Sammy Wilson said the swastika-bearing emblems had “nothing in common with unionism or loyalism,” while Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson said they were “disgraceful” and not representative of the people of Carrick. Mr Wilson said: “People from Northern Ireland fought bravely in our armed forces to defeat the Nazis and these flags should have no part in our society”.

Late on Tuesday night PUP sources were reporting that the Nazi flags had been removed.

Branding the swastika-bearing emblems “disgraceful,” Mr Dickson said those responsible do not represent the vast majority of people in Carrick.

“It is especially disrespectful when it is flown by those supposedly supporting the Orange Order, who recently marked the anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, where thousands of Irishmen died fighting against the tyranny, bigotry and fascism this flag represents,” he said.

Mr Dickson said the Nazi symbols have appeared in several areas of the town, including Oakfield Drive and Marshallstown Road.

“This is a deplorable move, particularly coming only days after the debate around the flying of the Confederate flag.

“These sorts of actions are not representative of the vast majority of people in Carrick and I know they will join me in utterly condemning it and the evil it stands for,” he added.

An Orange Order spokesman said:

“The Orange Institution is not responsible for the erection of these flags in Carrickfergus.

Such flags are utterly reprehensible and bring shame on loyalist communities. They should be removed immediately and consigned to the dustbin of history.”