Arlene Foster: DUP not considering Irish Language Act

DUP leader Arlene Foster
DUP leader Arlene Foster

Arlene Foster has said the Democratic Unionists are not contemplating introducing an Irish language act in Northern Ireland.

The DUP chief said a leaked document on negotiations with Sinn Fein before the collapse of powersharing talks last week was only one of a number circulated.

She again urged the British Government to put a budget for public services in place for Stormont's minister-less departments following a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May at Westminster.

Ms Foster said: "We were not contemplating bringing in an Irish language act and I could not be clearer in relation to that.

"If you look at the so-called draft agreement that is only one of a number of documents that were circulated and put out and about, and I think the important thing is that we now reflect on where we got to in relation to all of those issues, we have a budget put in place, I think that is important for the people of Northern Ireland and that we move forward."

She said she was concerned about the lack of proper governance in Northern Ireland.