Bap Kennedy’s ‘latest record’ to be released next month

Screenshot of Bap Kennedy Facebook page post
Screenshot of Bap Kennedy Facebook page post

The ‘latest record’ of the late Bap Kennedy who died from cancer is set to be released next month.

A post on the ‘Bap Kennedy Facebook page’ - which on November 1 announced his passing - said: “Friends, as you may have already been aware, Bap, Brenda and the rest of the team at Lonely Street Records, our label partners at Last Chance & At The Helm, and many others have all been working hard towards the release of Bap’s latest record ‘Reckless Heart’.

“We all wanted so much for Bap to see his latest record released, but unfortunately that wasn’t to be.

“We are all in agreement that one of the best ways of honouring Bap’s legacy is to continue to move forward with the release of ‘Reckless Heart’ at the earliest opportunity. Therefore we can confirm that the album will now be available in the UK/Ireland on 2nd December. The US release is 27th January 2017 - this date will also see a vinyl edition available worldwide.

“Thank you so much for the kind messages of support received over the past days - it has been greatly appreciated.”

Belfast singer Bap Kennedy, had been battling pancreas and bowel cancer.

The 54-year-old former Energy Orchard front man had been receiving palliative care at the Marie Curie Hospice.

At the time of his death a post on his Facebook page said: “Bap was extremely brave until the end.

“We would like to thank everybody for their kind messages of support over the past few months, these meant a lot to Bap and Brenda and helped Bap stay positive throughout his illness.

“We are also extremely grateful to all the staff at the Marie Curie hospice for their kindness and warm heartedness during his stay.”