BBC non-committal on playing ‘Craigavon Two’ song

Pol MacAdaim
Pol MacAdaim

The BBC has refused to rule out playing a record dedicated to the killers of a PSNI officer.

The song ‘Justice for the Craigavon Two’ is due to be released on March 15.

It is about Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton, both convicted of Stephen Carroll’s killing in Craigavon in 2009, and those behind the track aim to push the song into the UK Top 40.

Such a feat is unlikely, partly because of the relatively low profile of singer Pol MacAdaim, but the BBC would not definitively state what it would do in the event that it should surge into the official chart.

A spokeswoman for BBC Radio 1 said in a statement: “The song is not currently on our playlist and, as the chart is compiled at the end of the week, we cannot say what will be in the Official Chart on Sunday.”

Colin McCusker, UUP mayor of Craigavon, had been campaigning against the track and on Sunday said: “I’m pleased that it’s on their radar.”

He added: “I’d be hopeful that people don’t purchase it or download it, and if nobody downloads or buys it, it’ll have no reason to be played on the BBC.

“Should the case arise that it does reach high up in the charts, [I would hope] the BBC would take the correct course of action – not to play it.”